About ATPL CruiserWelcome to ATPL Cruiser, a website designed and built not only to help you pass your ground exams but to help you truly understand the theory behind the subjects.

My name is Mark Lee and I started flying over fourteen years ago. Having previously been a flight instructor for over five years, Im now in a first officer role in the North East of England. My experience (including first hand experience of the ATPL exams) means I understand the difficulties that students from all different backgrounds face in trying to pass the ATPL exams. So, on ATPL Cruiser I explain the answers as I would do for my students in the classroom.

ATPL Cruiser also has an additional useful feature - the proficiency test. I meet many pilots who, upon finally getting a call for an interview, realise that their theoretical knowledge may not be up to date or up to scratch. The proficiency test is a great way to check your knowledge is up to date in the ever changing world of aviation.

I pride myself in keeping ATPL Cruiser the most up to date and extensive database of questions and explanations there is, and I love to hear your comments, success stories, question suggestions or subject frustrations! So please contact me details on the Contact page

Mark Lee

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